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The Truth About Annuities

Recently I’ve been wondering how many people would own annuities if they fully understood what they were getting. I also wonder how many advisors would sell annuities if they received normal fees and commissions on the sales. I suspect that in both cases, the number would be a lot lower than it is today. Sure, some people truly benefit from the income…

Taking Social Security

Social security will not be around forever but it remains a tremendous benefit for Baby Boomers in retirement. Many Americans don’t realize that they aren’t maximizing the benefits they could be receiving. Here are three basic rules when it comes to maximizing Social Security benefits:

Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA

There are several options to look into when you want to start an IRA or continue to put away money for the future. The two primary choices are a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA. It is important to ask your accountant or advisor if you qualify due to income limits and 401k disqualifications.

Evaluating Your 401K Options

by Bret Hartman Good news! Your employer offers a 401K plan. But in order to fully benefit from your company’s plan, you need to allocate your portfolio to best fit your situation. To begin the process you should ask yourself the following questions: