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Economic and Stock Market Update (2nd Quarter 2018)

By Bret Hartman, IAR

We value communication with our clients regarding their accounts and the atmosphere surrounding the markets in general. Each client receives a personalize letter, every quarter, updating them on the performance of their individual portfolios, the assets that they hold and where we think that the market is going.


This is a letter that we send to our clients every quarter. It will be individualized with their personal account performance.

Economic and Stock Market Update

U.S. GDP grew at 2.0% in quarter one of 2018. GDP is expected to surpass this clip for the remaining quarters of 2018 and get close to averaging 3% GDP growth. The U.S. economy’s short-term outlook remains strong, with low unemployment, wage increases and strong corporate earnings + buybacks. Consumers balance sheets remain relatively healthy and will continue to add to growth. Short-term rates are scheduled to rise, and we are expecting a flat yield curve to persist as the bond market is not forecasting Read More

Benefit of Naming Beneficiaries

By Karyn Koenig

It is never an easy topic to discuss what will happen to us when we are gone. But sometimes it is the simplest aspects of planning for our loved ones that can be the most beneficial.

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Economic and Stock Market Update (1st Quarter 2018)

This is a sample of the letter that I send to all of my management clients on a quarterly basis.

Economic and Stock Market Update

U.S. GDP grew at 2.9% in the previous quarter and forward-looking estimates show U.S. GDP growth in the 2.5-3% range for 2018.  Current valuations are rich but the following data points support this: “Full employment”, wage growth, tax reform, strong corporate earnings + buybacks and low interest rates (although rising).  However, as we have said in previous letters there are large risks that were not priced into the market.  Most notably a potential trade war.  The market has begun to discount this risk. Other risks that could push the U.S. economy closer to a recession include:  The Fed hiking too quickly, accelerating consumer debt levels, growing deficits and other geo political risks.  We expect GDP growth to come in at the low end of consensus estimates.

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Are you paying too much for financial advice?

There is an old story in investments concerning a potential client and a Wall Street broker anxious to impress him and win his business. The broker took the client to a nearby marina to show off his yacht and those of the other brokers who worked for his firm. The businessman looked down the line of beautiful craft and asked, “Where are the client’s yachts?” The broker didn’t have an answer. Read More

Advisors Fiduciary Responsibility

Summary: Investors should select an advisor that is obligated to act as a fiduciary. Investment advisors that act as a fiduciary have the fundamental obligation to act in the best interest of the client. It requires the advisor to put the client’s financial interest before their own. Read More